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Tho note 8 defeated iPhone bionic chip in speed test, you can find out in very trusted speed test reviews. Overall note 8 is a more capable phone. I would say much more capable. Iphone x is a user nightmare with the awkward swipe interface. It lacks in many key areas. Check the internet for examples. This is so true. I have the Note 8 and my wife has the Iphone X.

Although the Note 8 is the first Samsung phone I've used that isn't plagued with bugs and lagginess probably QC went up after Note 7 fiasco , it is still no match for the buttery smoothness of Iphones. If it weren't for the s-pen and the trade-in discounts, I would have definitely went with the Iphone X.

Even though I'm a note fan the A11 bionic simply smoke the snapdragon Miss those days in which note series used to release with a more powerful chipset than the s series.


I didn't check the real speed test but just wish the test numbers on performance could be on par Just trying to be fair and tell the truth. I will not use iOS for its ecosystem. I also want to be fair, and tell you: In the real life, Note 8 is faster almost it everything, except of the games that are made for iOS and just ported on Android. I have.

By all means that does not make the X a piece of isht, it just didn't work for me. That's what phone area fails to realize. They're more like, "We love the iPhone so we're gonna make it work to our favor in the majority of our tests.

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I have one and from what I read and my feelings on using it the swipe interface is easy to get use to. Where do you find that the note is faster. I have not seen one report where it out does the iPhone X. Very trusted speed test reviews. What does that mean. Like oh trust me this one that says what I think can be trusted.

Your on a coment section to a artical that says otherwise. Why in speed tests for the things most users to on a day to day basis the Note is faster. Factor in Android is a more efficient OS due to customization, less app crashes and it takes fewer steps to do most tasks then the speed difference gets wider. What demension are you in. My phone does everything with out a hiccup at all. Every android phone I have had gets slower the longer I use it. Not just saying my expoerences is the written truth.

I agree my iphone 6s is so slow right now you need to hit the camera button about five times before it registers what you did. If you do a you tube search there are a few real world comparisons between this iPhone 10 and the Note 8 and the results are in most real world scenarios the Note 8 is much faster. I wouldn't say it's a loose for the Note 8.

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Real world performance is mostly on par, as shown on several speed tests in youtube. The fact iPhone X reloads more apps than Note 8 puts real world performance pretty even. Even the screen brightness on Note 8 is lower, but Iphone 10 screen doesn't seem to have good quality control. This is so interesting Maybe the note 8 isn't as bright as the S8 Plus. By the way my experience with my X has not been great I think people get used to and like what they like. Sometimes it gets redivided like a cross town rival in high school but for the most part people like I think what they have invested more into.

This megapixel offering might sound like a step back from the megapixel option bestowed on last year's Samsung Galaxy Note 5 , but that couldn't be further from the truth. With megapixel count far from a guarantee of good image quality, Sammy's larger pixel supporting meg snapper is enhanced by optical image stabilisation, phase detection autofocus and an LED flash.

It's not just the ability to take hugely impressive shots even when the lights have dropped that impresses either. Selfie fanatic? A 5-megapixel front-facing camera is present on both devices to keep you vanity shots bright and details. Related: Android Nougat: Everything you need to know. All Android phones feature their own take of Google's stock OS. These two, however, offer an identical experience. Well, almost. It's cleaner and crisper than past Samsung efforts too.

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There's less unwanted, bloatware filler and more of a crisp design that's easy on the eye and a pleasure to navigate. The likes of S-Health still build on Google's foundations with a particularly Samsung flavour, but with both handsets offering the same experience, software shouldn't be a deciding factor in your purchasing plans. Related: iPhone 8 release date.

You probably won't be surprised to hear that the new Note plays host to a larger battery than its smaller sibling. That's because it's got more space to fit the oversized power supply. This doesn't necessarily mean that it will last longer between charges though. Despite trumping the S7's 3,mAh battery, the Note 7 will require more power. A bigger screen needs more juice, that's just how things work. The 3,mAh power unit should keep you chugging well into a second day though. The S7 is a solid performer when it comes to battery life, cruising through a full day's use and comfortably into a second day before needing to make a trip to the mains.

When deciding whether to buy a shiny new Samsung Galaxy S7 or an even shinier, newer Samsung Galaxy Note 7, what you really need to ask yourself is how much do you want, and will you use, the integrated stylus. That's ultimately what this smartphone head-to-head boils down to. Both devices are easy on the eye and offer unrivalled photography skills, but it's the S-pen that marks the difference.

If you're indifferent to the stylus, go for the S7 - seriously, you won't be disappointed.

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If, however, your phone is as much about function as fun, now that those worrying device combusting issues have been solved, the Note 7 will likely be more up your street. Type keyword s to search. Digital Spy. Really needs focus bracketing or live view to make the most of it. Also, the characteristic features are executed by this app, but the plus point is that it is free app message iphone spy for free and it is also genuine.

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