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Your target is none the wiser, but you sure will be!

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Call Intercept differs from Call Recording in a very important way. This is based on the variety of cell phones and networks your target user may be using.

Hackers only need your phone number to eavesdrop on calls, read texts, track you | Computerworld

What this means is that you will always need to wait for call recordings to be uploaded to your web account, and there is no guarantee you will always hear both sides of the conversations. You will receive your license and web account login details by email.

Step 3 — Setting up Call Interception. Setting up Intercept Call is easy. This setting is a slider button that we click to flip into the ON position.

Spy on live phone calls

If you want to make a normal call to the Target again, simply flip this switch back to the OFF position. We recommend using a dedicated phone number as the Monitor number, and just leaving it on for whenever you need to use it for either Intercepting calls or listening to the surroundings with a SpyCall.

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Then select Manage Watch List. And you can then review them later when you have the time.


However, you should be careful because phone tapping and recording is illegal in several countries and states around the world. As such, even if you gather some evidence, they may be inadmissible in most legal courts. The app can be used as a microphone.

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